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Product description
Product parameters
Model: GRT120S-240500
Rated input voltage: 100~240VAC 50/60HZ
Rated output power: DC 24V-5.0A 120W
Input Specifications: GB Desktop 2*0.752 Flat Line 1.5 m
Output line length: 18# round line length 0.35 meters open line (according to customer requirements)
  Product packaging: 50 packs.
Scope of application: 400 gallons Water purifier Water purifier RO business machine
【Technical Parameters】
1. Input voltage range: AC100-264V.
2. Input voltage frequency: 50-60Hz.35VA
3. Output voltage: 24V/36V
4. Output voltage adjustment rate: 5%.
5. Output rated current: max. 5.0A/3.33A
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