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Tianjin Trade Group of Canton Fair has sold more than 100 million yuan of pump and valve products.

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The 102nd China Import and Export Fair has successfully concluded. According to statistics, nearly 190,000 buyers from 213 countries and regions attended the Canton Fair. The cumulative turnover of export transactions reached 374.5 billion US dollars, an increase of 2.9% over the Spring Fair this year and 10% over the autumn Fair last year.
The Tianjin Trade Group of the Canton Fair organized various enterprises in this city to participate in the exhibition. The number of enterprises participating in the exhibition reached 202, with 599 exhibition booths, and more than 3000 people attended and inspected the exhibition. Facing the increasingly fierce market competition and escalating trade frictions, as well as the adverse effects of RMB appreciation, adjustment of export tax rebate policy and price increase of raw materials, the Tianjin Trading Group, through optimizing the structure of exhibited commodities, highlights the quality of famous products, vigorously promotes the level of exhibition, and strives to publicize and promote Binhai New Area in order to bring about a new face. The Guangzhou Fair has achieved remarkable results, with a total turnover of $550 million, an increase of 3.15% over the same period last year. Among them, $318 million was traded in the first phase, an increase of 2.93% over the same period last year, and $232 million was traded in the second phase, an increase of 1.75% over the autumn fair last year.
From the beginning of the preparations for the exhibition, Tianjin Fair has put the improvement of the quality and level of the exhibited goods in an important position. Focus on supporting the exhibition of well-known export brand goods, famous and excellent new products and high-tech products. Most of the participating enterprises in Tianjin Fair have their own brands. Among them, there are not only "Red Triangle" brand soda ash, "Seagull" watch and other famous Chinese products, but also "Tiangong" brand grader, "TOEC" brand fax machine, CTP screw pump, TWT Series Butterfly valves, "Li" brand valves and other famous Tianjin products.
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