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Practical Manual: English-Chinese Contrast Detailed Table of Valve Terminology

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English-Chinese Terminology Comparison of Valve Types
Airvalves air valve
Angle Stopvalves Angular Globe Valve
Angle ThrottleValves Angular Throttle Valves
Angle Type Globe Valves Gate Angle Globe Valves
Ashvalves ash discharge valve
Aspirating valves suction (suction) valve
Auxiliary valves auxiliary (auxiliary) valve
Balance valves balance valve
Bellows valves bellows valve
Blowdown Valves Discharge (Drainage, Sewage) Valve
Brakevalves brake valve
Butterfly Type Non-slam Check Butterfly Buffer Check Valve
Butterfly Valves with Gear Actuator Worm Gear Drive Butterfly Valves
Buttweldingvalves butt welded connection valve
Clampvalves pair clamp valve
Cock two links
Combination valves combination valve
CQThreadBall Valves CQ Threaded Ball Valves
Culvertvalves Underground Pipeline Valve
Deceleration valves deceleration valve
Diaphragm Valves Diaphragm Valve
Decompression valves relief valve
Double Disc Flat Gate Valves Double-gate Flat Gate Valves
DoubleDisk Parallel Gate Valves Open-pole Parallel Double-gate
Double Opening Exhaust Valves Dual-port Exhaust Ball
Drainage valves drain valve
Electric Actuated Stop Valves Electric Globe Valve
Electric Actuated Wedge Gate Valves Electric Wedge Gate Valves
Electric DoubleDisk Parallel Gate Valves Electric Parallel Double Gate Sluice
EmergenyCut-off Valves Emergency Shutoff Valve
Exhaust valves exhaust valve
FreeFloat Type Steam Trap Floating Ball Trap
Flange Ball Valves Flanged Ball Valves
Flange Gate Valves Flange Gate Valves
Flange Globe Valves Flange Globe Valves
GaugeValves instrument valve
Hand-operated dvalves manual valve
HardSeal Butterfly Valves Metal Sealed Disc Valve
High Temperature Pressure Power Station Gate Valves High Temperature and High Voltage Power Plant Gate Valves
High Temperature Pressure Power Station Globe Valves High Temperature and High Pressure Power Plant Globe Valves
Hydraulic crelay valves hydraulic relay valve
Lift Check Valves Lift Check Valves Lift Check Valves
Lift Check Valves Lift Check Valves Lift Check Valves
Limitvalves limit valve
Lining Ball Valves Lined Ball Valves
Lining Butterfly Valves Lining Disc Valve
Lining Check Valves Lining Check Valves
Lining Cock Lining Second Link
Lining Globe Valves Lined Globe Valves
Lining T-CockValves Lining Three-way Cock Valves
Liquid Indicator Level Meter
LPGPipeFitting LPG Gas Parts
Magnetic Co-operateGlobe Valves Magnetic Coupled Globe Valves
Magnetism Forle Pumps magnetic pump
Manual Oil Pumps Valves Manual Oil Pumps (Valves)
Meter Needle Type Globe Valves Instrument Needle Globe Valves
ObliqueStopValves DC Globe Valve
Parallel Slide Valves Slurry Valve
Pintlevalve needle valve
Piping Centrifugal Pumps Pipeline Centrifugal Pumps
Plunger valves plunger valve
Pressure Valve Pressure Valve Valve
PipingPumps pipeline pump
Piping Safety Valves Pipeline Safety Valves
Plunger Globe Valves plunger globe valve
Quick Draining Valves Fast Drainage Valve
Restrictor Valves Overflow Valve (or Throttle Valve)
Safety Valves Safety Valves
ScrewPumps screw pump
ScumGateValves Slag Discharge Gate Valve
Solenoid valves solenoid valve
Single Disc Flat Gate Valves Single Gate Flat Gate Valves
Single Opening Exhaust Valves Single-port Exhaust Ball
SlurryPumps mud pump
StopValves globe valve
Strainer filter
Submerged Motor Pumps Submerged Pumps (Sewage Pump)
Swing Check Valves Swing Check Valves
Swing Check Valves Swing Check Valves
Tank Lorry Ball Valves trolley ball valve
T-Cock three links
Thin Gate Valves Thin Gate Valves Sluice Valve
ThrottleValves throttle valve
Tiny Drag Slow Shut Check Valves Micro-blocking Retarded Closed Check Valve
Triple (tee) valves three-way valve
Two-way valves two-way valve
Underwater Pumps Hydraulic Pump
Vacuum Pumps Hydraulic Ejector (Vacuum Pumps)
Vertical Lift Check Valves Vertical Check Valves
Wafer Check Valves Pinch Check Valve
Waferplatevalves butterfly splint valve
WaferType Butterfly Valves with Rubber Itning Pinch Lining Butterfly Valve
WasteValves sump (valve)
WaterSeal Gate Valves Water Seal Gate Valves
WedgeGateValves Wedge Gate Valves
YType and Cylinder Filters Y Cylinder Filters
Contrast of English and Chinese Terminology for Parts and Components
AxisGuide bushing
Ball ball and core
Ballseat seal ring
Blowdown Sealing Face Open and Valve Seal Face
Body valve body
Bonnet bonnet
Disc disc
Mut nut
Screw bolt
Sealing seals
Spring spring
Stem stem
StemMut stem nut
Stemseal filler
WedgeDisc gate
III. Contrast of Standardized Technical English Terminology
Applicable Media
Applicable emperature applicable temperature
ButtClamp pair clip
Chemical Constituents of Chemical Analysis
Connecting format connection form
Doubledisc double gate
Flexibledisc elastic gate
Flange flange Hoop clamp
Insidethread internal thread
Jacket jacket
Mains power supply
Chemical composition and mechanical properties of Material hemicalanalysis and mechanical calcapacity materials
Materials Materials Formin Parts Major Parts Materials
Mechanical properties of Mechanicalcapacity
Max. Discharging Capacity Maximum Drainage
Max. Operating Temperature Maximum Working Temperature
Max. Allowable Temperature Maximum Permissible Temperature
Max. Allowable Pressure Maximum Permissible Pressure
Model model
Name of Parts Part Name
Nitrogen (N) nitrogen
Nominalbore nominal path
Nominal Pressure Nominal Pressure
Nozzle exhaust port
Outside threads
Oxidant oxidizing medium
Parallel parallel
Piping pipeline
Piston piston
Reductant Reductive Media
Risingstem Ming bar
Seal seat, sealing surface
Seattestingpressure Pressure Gas Seal Test Pressure
Socket card sleeve
Specifications Performance Specification
Singledisc single gate
Solid rigidity
Strenghtestingpressure Strength Test Pressure
Steam, condensate steam, condensate water
Stroke stroke, stroke
Water, oil, step water, temperature, gas